“It isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain"

I wish I could go back to the day when…

Can you finish that sentence?

Think about this. If you had the opportunity to go back to that one time in your life that started the spiral of negativity, the doubt, the lack of self love… would you do it? If you could change that moment- walk away from the boy, say no to the bully, remind yourself that time is a healer- would you go?

Imagine if you could take away the pain that you caused your soul, or even the hurt that you caused your friends and family.

Would you take it all back?

I used to think that I would. That life would be so much easier to manage if it weren’t for the upset and the agony that those days caused. If I could go back to younger Happy Yogi and just tell her to remember to love herself… That it doesn’t matter if you get to 30 and you’re still not sure if you’ve got it all sorted yet. That my older wiser self can promise it will all work out in the end…

Today I changed my mind. I wouldn’t go back- I’m staying in the present. Because who are we without our imperfections? Without our flaws and insecurities? Would our friends like us more without them? Do they not add up to the strong person you are becoming or in fact already are?

Today is officially declared the day to start loving exactly who you are.

Every last bit. The extra bit of thigh that stops you looking at your own reflection or the psychotic spirit that rears its head and earns you the name of crazy. The erratic behaviour every month or the devil who says yes to the chocolate cake and no to the gym. Remember, we are not who we are without the flaws. So make sure to love it all and to love yourself. There isn’t one person that thinks they are perfect but I bet there’s plenty of people you think are pretty close. Is it beyond belief someone thinks that about you? Or even better, that we can think it about ourselves?

What I am saying yogis is that you should never regret anything that makes you stronger. It might be breaking you to the point where you can’t ever see how you could feel resilient again but I promise it will all add up to a durable mental attitude that will not be broken. So don’t go back and take away the pain. The pain is good. A greater good. Our struggles will eventually become our identity. Believe that everything that makes us suffer makes us better human beings. More empathy, more resilience, more compassion. Never take that away from yourself.

And if it seems too much right now, remember that sometimes it will RAIN...

Recognise and acknowledge the experience. Be present and pay attention to how you feel and what thoughts are going through your head.

Allow yourself to feel like this. There are no right and wrong in feelings. They just are. Don’t try to repress them as this can make you feel worse.

Invest some time in your thoughts. Think about the way you talk and think about yourself. Would you tell a friend they were too fat or too stupid or worthless? No. So why say it to yourself? Show yourself some kindness and tell yourself you are enough.

Nourish yourself. Detach yourself from the problem and give yourself freedom. Don’t be imprisoned in negative thoughts and ensure you realise the importance of being kind to yourself.

Make sure you dance in the rain yogis. And always remember your Happy Yogi Faces :)

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