Difficult paths can lead to beautiful destinations

This is who I am. No one said you had to like it.

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who do, and the ones who sit on the side lines and snigger. Which one would you rather be?

I want to be the girl that does. The one that, despite having others laugh and jibe and do everything they can to stop you ‘doing’- I want to be the one who still continues to pursue any goal or dream.

The truth is, we all have to push past other people’s doubts at times. It can be really hard. If you have fears in your own achievements anyway, then not having the support system from those around you can make life even more difficult. So how do you carry on being the person that does? Even when the sidelines are full of sniggers and it seems ten times easier to join them rather than pursue something which is going to take a lot of work? I guess it depends on how much the dream means to you. Because if it isn’t something you really want, then why are you wasting your time anyway? If you really want it though, if it gets you out of bed in the morning and takes up your waking thoughts… try this:

1. Believe in yourself

The sniggerers will continue to snigger if they see doubt from you. Their laughter will seem louder because you will believe they are right, rather than trusting your own capabilities. If you want this, work for it.

2. The sky is the limit

Just under a year ago I had the second of my two knee operations to allow me to move without pain. Since then I have climbed the highest mountain in Africa, gone from 0-10km runs in a matter of weeks, signed up for a half marathon and booked my first skiing holiday. Stop making excuses. There are no confinements other than those you make for yourself. Set your goals high and your expectations higher and there will be no stopping you.

3. Support from others

If it’s your friends who are laughing at you for trying to achieve something you want in life, then I reckon it’s time for new friends. It shouldn’t matter what the dream is. You want to travel to Antartica, you want to run the ultramarathon, you want to learn how to stand on your head… every dream is important to someone and we should be doing our best to support not stifle the ones who we care for.

It works both ways. If someone values you as important enough to confide in you, don’t throw it back at them.

4. Prove them wrong

The best way to stop the laughter and the doubt is to go out and achieve. You never know, you might even inspire one of them to step out past the sidelines themselves and start becoming a do-er.

“By doing what you love you will awaken the hearts of others.” Keep inspiring others yogis. And remember your Happy Yogi Face :)

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