Stop hitting yourself!


(n) a battle against imaginary enemies; fighting your shadow.

How I had never come across this word before is beyond me, because I have certainly come across the repercussions of it. Fighting your own inner demons can be one of the most difficult battles we face in life. We want to listen to the positive internal yogi that tells us not to do the stupid thing that you’re most definitely about to do. And yet that little voice never seems to win and the darkness within us overcomes any decency or reason we have ever had. And leading to what can only be depression, fear and hatred for ourselves and normally people we love as well.

Do I have a solution? A way to always make the correct decision in life? No. Of course not. Because sometimes what seems to be the right thing to do now, doesn’t always turn out that way. I can, however, certainly share some tips and advice that might help you take a more positive route with your decision making. Perhaps the best solution is to strengthen your inner cheerleader to scream louder than your demons.

Just think, you’ve been criticising yourself for a long time and the only success you’ve had is in making yourself miserable. Perhaps if you try some approval towards yourself you’ll start to see the benefits. My plan is to incorporate as many of the following to keep cheering loud and proud.

1.Let it go

So many of us allow our past experiences to affect our present. There’s nothing wrong with this. Everything we have been through in previous times has made us who we are today. The problems come when we are unable to see new situations as new situations where we can learn new things and progress as people. Don’t let stubbornness stunt your growth. You are a better person because of what you have been through- so show how much you’ve learned.

2. Talk about it

Whatever you’re going through, whatever inner demons you are fighting off, I can bet you’re not the first person to have ever suffered from it. And you won’t be the last. By talking about your problems and creating a support group for yourself, these concerns we have in our own ability eventually fade and seem ridiculous. It works the other way as well. Remember to support other people’s success. It doesn’t dampen yours.

3. Take responsibility

It of course helps to have others tell you that you’re being a fool, but you need to have the strength inside you to silence the voice. If you can’t face your inner demon, you’ll always be able to hear it- even above the voice of all the screaming cheerleaders. In order to stop yourself, realise when you have triggered yourself into a downward spiral. What is your thought process? What made you feel this way? What can you do to stop yourself descending? Have some positive affirmations that you can say to yourself in times of doubt. My own personal affirmation… You are enough.

4. Creativity

Our inner critic always has a way of finding us when we are at our lowest. When we are tired, bored, depressed… So how can we silence them? Keep yourself in a high mood. Positive mental attitude and creative solutions. Find something to keep you focused on the happy. You can’t check through your partner’s Facebook if you’re busy baking brownies. You can’t compare yourself to the hot blonde if you’re at the gym sweating already and you can’t consider yourself a failure if you’re already out there succeeding. What keeps your inner negative positive? Find it and do it.

5. Don’t feed the demons

Just like gremlins. For the love of God do not feed these demons. Don’t be down on yourself. Realise how incredible you are and how much progress you have made in whatever journey you are currently taking. You deserve the best and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So awaken the strong, back bending, double flipping cheerleader within you and make sure she silences the critic inside. If you learn self-control, you can master anything. I believe in you Yogis.

Remember your Happy Yogi Faces

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