Why have a bad day when you can have a good day?

"It is important to remember you are the captain of your own ship."

Ask yourself these two questions every day...

How did I make the most of today and how did I make the least of today?

Why are these questions so important? I’ve found my recent musings getting repetitive with the same message- the suggestion that we make the most of the now and every second we get on this earth. It is the secret to true happiness, living in the present and enjoying every moment. But of course this isn’t always the easiest thing to do and time can fly by before you even realise it. I find myself questioning where 2016 has disappeared to, and whether I have truly made the most of all the days in the year so far.

It is of course important though that we spend time reflecting on our day, and what better questions are there to ask yourself?

Can you truly recognise when you have made the best of the day? Let’s see…

Keep a journal for a week with a response to these two questions. List as many activities or emotions as you wish under each question. For example: How did I make the most of today? Today, I was in ‘productive’ mode. My task for the day was to get my work done for school and ensure I was prepared for the week ahead. I wanted to feel successful. I managed to prepare my lessons for the week, followed by a trip to the mall for a friend and finished with an hour at the gym. I did everything I needed to today and I feel how I wanted to feel by the end. However, how did I make the least of today? Well, not to be too hard on myself but I can’t see how I made time for what I wanted to do, rather than what I needed to do. It’s essential to balance work with living and that was something I wasn’t able to achieve today. If today had been my last, would I be happy with it? Well, no. Probably not.

So what could I have done? I could have made time for my family and friends. Replaced my gym session with a catch up walk around the lake. I could have skyped my parents at home. I could have also dedicated some time for me, applied a face mask whilst I skyped family (because they’ve definitely seen me looking worse…) The thing to learn from this task, however is not that we should beat ourselves up every time we don’t get the balance just right, but instead, learn from these ‘downfalls’ and rectify them when we can.

As I know today was a ‘productive’ day, tomorrow is going to be a me day. I will make time for others and I will make time for myself and as I am celebrating my productivity that I accomplished throughout today I won’t feel guilty. It is important to have this reflection time every day before it gets to the end of the week and you see you have not made the most of any of your days. The time continues to disappear. Whilst it isn’t always possible to ‘live each day as your last,’ it is possible to value the present and use your time wisely. Take more from the 'most' side of table than the 'least' side and hopefully, and you’ll find the balance being hit more regularly as you start to recognise your more common ‘leasts’

Making the most of the day

  • Productivity

  • Happy thoughts

  • Sharing with others

  • Family

  • Friendships

  • You time

  • Health

Making the least of today

  • Procrastinating

  • Guilt

  • Bad moods and tempers

  • Blame

  • Negative thoughts and feelings

  • Gossip

  • No balance

Need a reminder to make the most of today? Try Happy Yogi’s message in a bottle necklace, where you can write your own message and keep it close to you every day.

As always Yogis, remember your Happy Yogi Face. :)

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