Know Your Worth.

How to raise your standards

Never settle.

Not in your career, not in your relationship, not with your friends and most definitely not within yourself. Keep your standards high and be confident that if you realise you’re on the wrong path, that you’ll change direction.

I can speak from personal experience when I say you might not even realise you’re settling in your life. You might be telling yourself you are happy, when maybe you’re just comfortable. If there is something in life you have to work at to ignore in a bid to pretend you’re happy, then there is a good chance you have settled. I can tell you that you will never be better off settling. The anxious, niggling feeling that tickles you now will grow until you can no longer control it, and that isn’t good for anyone’s inner peace.

1. Let’s start with your career. Yep, not your job, your career. The difference being that your job is short term, whereas your career is your lifelong pursuit of an ambition. Establish your career. This is the place where you spend a pretty large percentage of a day throughout a pretty large percentage of the week. You best make sure you’re happy with this part of your life as you’ll be doing it for a pretty large percentage of your life. It seems most people will choose to spend the remaining time complaining about how miserable they are in their career. If you’re not happy in your career then for goodness sake do something about it. This doesn’t necessarily mean trying to climb the ladder of success to be the top dog, it means finding the position that makes you feel content, that allows you to be something other than your job and that gives you a reason to get up in a morning.

2. When it comes to relationships, I have heard many people claim that their single friends are ‘fussy’. In actual fact, I would much more likely congratulate the person who has set standards high enough to not be with the nearest male with a pulse and a bank balance. The only reason you should sacrifice any part of your life to someone else is if they’re making it better. If that other person can’t improve your living, then why bother? Don’t settle for anybody just to have somebody. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite, we can love someone so much that we become half the person we used to be. Don’t let yourself be a half. Regain your wholeness! Think about your current relationship status, if you’re laughing every day with each other and they still give you butterflies regardless of how long you’ve been together then fantastic. If not, is it really worth your time?

3. It doesn’t stop at your relationship, you should always surround yourself with people who make you a better version of yourself. And you should be aiming to be that friend too. Make people around you feel good and encourage them to be the best they can be. Don’t let yourself be around too much negativity. If you hear a conversation that breaks your happy mood, move away from the conversation. Only allow yourself to hear positive from those close to you. And when a time comes when those people feel down, make it your job to bring them happiness. Don’t settle for friendships that make you less of a person. Or for friends who make you question your own happiness.

4. You must never allow yourself to be any less than a happy person. Be responsible for your own happiness and never, ever settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t worth it because in our very short, very unpredictable life, why would you ever give yourself anything less?

Don’t settle for anything less than true happiness. And remember your Happy Yogi Face. :)

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