Tough times never last... but tough people do.

Most frequent conversation this month:

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m not quite sure… just having a down day”

‘Down days.’ If you even try to deny you have these then you are a liar. Days where, no matter what you do, you end up with a bit less razzle dazzle in your daily routine. You haven’t broken your routine, nothing is different but for whatever reason, you can’t cheer yourself up. Nothing seems quite as bright and you’ve lost the spring that was in your step yesterday. Or maybe you’re having a down day and something has changed, maybe it’s really easy to pinpoint your downfall. You took your cheat day into a cheat week, you skipped the gym, you failed to do anything productive at the weekend…

End of the world though? No.

I’ve had a couple of down days recently. Ok I’ve had an insane amount this month. No change in the routine that had caused me to bounce out of bed just a few weeks before. I just felt deflated... Why? Because I let myself think I was having down days.

Here’s the genius bit. Down days truthfully don’t exist. We invent them in our heads to avoid the real reason we don’t feel as good as we should. So here’s how to avoid them in the future so you never have a ‘DD’ again.

We have to face up to whatever tries to destroy our happy vibe. Simply by identifying we are angry or frustrated or upset will immediately lessen the emotion that you are trying to stifle. Once you’ve figured out how you’re really feeling, try and figure out what might have caused it in the first place. Sometimes, not changing your routine can be the very thing that is causing you to feel this way. Once you’ve discovered the cause and effect (science) it’s time to start developing coping techniques.

  1. Get outside.

I know it’s hot/ cold/ raining/ a blistering heatwave but the fact is breathing in actual real life air is good for you. Not only that, escaping your environment and the confines of the four walls causing your inner misery will make you forget about the negative.

2. Mix it up.

If the problem is that you’re stuck in a routine then change it. Nothing huge, try a different genre of music for a change. Go to a different café for your breakfast. Hang out with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Baby steps. Don’t feel that everything you’ve been doing up to now has been wrong, you just need minor adjustments.

3. Get off the Internet.

Ironic I know as you are reading this online, but trust me a break from the dreaded comparisons that social media encourages is always beneficial. Close the laptop. Put down your phone.

4. Give a hug and a compliment to a loved one

Sometimes, the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. Share a hug. There can be nothing as healing as the human touch. Pass on compliments and don’t forget to smile. It might feel false at first, but before you know it DD will be in the past and positive vibes will be back in their place.

Have a look at this month’s HYF collections. Treat yourself! Another way to expel the deepest darkest down days.

As always, (this month especially) remember your Happy Yogi Face.

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