Dream Big, Dream Loud, Be Proud.

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to change about myself for 2016. What is it that I’ve done wrong in 2015 that needs modifying? What mistakes, what errors, what faults I need to address to make sure I’m not the same awful person I was this year…

Now hang on a second, surely this isn’t the way anyone should be entering any new day, never mind a new year. Perhaps, instead of a New Year’s resolution, we need an Accomplished Year celebration.

So, rather than January 1st being the time to create a ‘new you’, make December 31st the time to congratulate yourself on everything you have achieved this year. I’m not going to tell myself I need to go to the gym more, to eat more healthily and to stop procrastinating instead of working. I’m instead saying well done for starting my own business, I’m saying congratulations on my solo adventures to study yoga, and I’m saying good job on making positive changes in my life that have led to having a healthy mind and body.

Unable to give yourself appreciation? It can be difficult to recognise your own accomplishments sometimes. Maybe this year has been hard. Maybe this is a year you can’t wait to see the back of. But I can promise each and every one of you that you have achieved something that deserves celebration. Maybe you have learned from a mistake you made, maybe you dedicated more time to loved ones this Christmas, maybe you mastered the yoga move you have been working on for months. All unbelievable things that wouldn’t have happened had it not been for 2015.

New Year’s Resolutions are some of the hardest goals to keep. If you are insistent on setting one however, be kind to yourself. Give yourself an achievable goal with a time in which you aim to have completed it. If it’s a big goal, give yourself smaller targets along the way, to ensure you always have that motivation. Please remember though, we must celebrate our successes. You have achieved so much, no matter how small you may consider it, make sure you are rewarding yourself for it.

Now, I am far from against goal setting. You are never too late to dream a new dream. It’s the insistence on the New Year’s Resolution that bothers me. The necessity to set yourself a target that you have little intention of keeping, purely for the fact it is January 1st. If you happen to dream a new dream on January 1st, then fantastic! But please don’t put a leash on your goals purely because society insists it must wait until 2015 is forgotten about.

Therefore, my New Year’s Resolution won’t be focused on my mistakes of the past year. I’m going to concentrate on my successes and ensure they continue through 2016. And in 365 days, when I look back on 2016, I know I will have achieved so much more- as will all of you Happy Yogi Faces.

Remember, what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Make sure you appreciate what you have become. Make sure you dedicate time to your Accomplished Year celebration this month.

And as always, remember your Happy Yogi Face :)

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