Wake up and smell the routine...

When did ‘routine’ become a bad word?

“We’re stuck in a routine”

“Less routine, more life”

“Break your routine!”

I hadn’t realised the connotations of the word until a friend corrected me last week. “Don’t use that word, that’s a bad word” Not one that enjoys being corrected on my diction, I’ve spent this week aiming to prove why a little of the R- word can help you build your inner peace.

I have a Sanskrit necklace that tells me to ‘Be Present.’ It’s one of my central mantras in life. I like to live for the now, not worry about the future or analyse the past. We are here and we should aim to appreciate the time given to us. Unfortunately, many long to strive ahead, to think about the future, to spend so much time planning their life that they forget to live it… Of course, in the society we live in, surely this is a necessity. Fail to plan, plan to fail an all that. But surely there is balance somewhere? Surely we can be present and be prepared? Welcome to the joys of routine!

In my ‘darker moments,’ Thursday afternoons were a time of sadness. In the Dubai bubble, our weekends start on a Thursday, and we finish work at 1pm. Fantastic! I hear you gasp. Not so for me. My Thursday typically involved coming home to my empty flat and knowing my weekends were not to start until at the earliest, the following day, usually a day of alcohol and misery. As you will know from previous blogs, I was not so keen on the idea of being ‘alone’ and so while most lived for the weekends, I lived for the routine of the week. A place where I was needed and had a purpose. The solution quickly became oh so obvious. I needed a purpose to my weekends. And so became my ‘Throw forward Thursday.’ Every Thursday I would find a place to be with myself, normally a coffee shop. People watching is one of my favourite things to procrastinate with, so to be able to sit with no guilt because this was protected time was perfect. I’d order an iced cappuccino and sit and work towards my goal. To practice yoga in as many countries as possible, building inspiration for my jewellery pieces. That meant that some Thursdays would be spent looking at yoga retreats online, and planning my next adventure! Perfect! I realised by adding in this routine to my weekend, and simultaneously creating a purpose for myself, my mood became instantly lifted and I began to remember how to appreciate my alone time.

Why create routine?

Don’t let your death bed be the realisation that you didn’t do the things you wanted to do. Our life is so precious; make sure you love every moment. No matter how much you have in your planner, no matter how long your to do list is, if you make time, there will be time. Please make sure your priority is you.

How to do create good routine.

  • Pick a day- any day! One you know you can commit to regularly.

  • Think about what it is that you want to do with your time. Be happy being alone. My Thursday afternoons were productive and fun. I made sure it was always something I wanted to do. By the end of my Throw forward Thursday, I feel bright and happy and ready to be present, knowing I had looked after the future.

  • Set yourself a goal and make sure you set dated sub goals that are achievable and that will get you to the final post. I’m all for dreaming big but don’t overwhelm yourself. By having mini goal posts of achievement it is more likely to keep you focused.

  • Enjoy yourself! This is a time to switch off from others and be selfish about your life. Do something you want to do. And do it regularly!

Routine doesn’t have to symbolise a failure to escape, a feeling of boredom or a lack of interest in the world. Make your routine show ambition, freedom and innovation.

“The future depends on what we do in the present”

My yin and yang beaded bracelets represent balance and harmony in life. It allows you to remember to live in the present as well as planning your future. It’s a reminder that we need routine as much as we need spontaneity. If you need the reminder, my website is waiting for you. I’m happy to make bespoke pieces if you have something particular in mind!

Above all and as always, remember your Happy Yogi Face today. :)

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