I want to see the world.

This week was a great one for new experiences. New term, new colleagues, fresh starts. I went to a yoga practice where we were asked to keep our eyes shut throughout the class. No peeking unless absolutely necessary. Why? So we could avoid judgement of ourselves and stop comparing to others. I stretched further than I have in a long time and I loved the class and yet… I still peeked…

Seems crazy yes? That even though I knew what peeking would do, that it would lead me to question why I wasn’t as good as the person next to me, I still wanted to. And as soon as I peeked, I stopped pushing myself to stretch that little bit further. Lesson learned. No more peeking.

This week has been a difficult one. I’ve found myself at times struggling to be positive. The addiction to comparison sometimes becomes too difficult to resist which can lead to negative thoughts and unfortunately negative talk is never far behind. Mid-September resolution (No need to put it off) is to close my eyes. Consider what is really important in my day to day wellbeing and shut out everything else. No more jealousy and comparison. No more gossip and bitching. No more game players and manipulators.

Try next week to close your eyes. Close yourself off from negative people and negative thoughts and open yourself up to self-appreciation. Focus on the inner you and save your judgements. This is currently one of the hardest challenges I have set myself. To not question your ability next to your colleagues, to not question your attractiveness next to the pretty girl, to not question your strength next to the trainer… But life is about challenges! By closing our eyes we can finally see what we should be seeing. Our own worth.

I urge you to join me with my mid-September resolution! Try just seven days of no gossip, no jealousy and no comparison to others. Consider how good it feels to know you have the ability to control your intake of positive and negative thoughts. It’s as simple as breathing in and breathing out. Close off the negative. Engage in the positive. Appreciate everything you have and everything you are.

When you feel yourself starting to peek, just remember…

  • I am thankful for where I live and the opportunities I have

  • I am thankful for my incredible friends and family who are always there no matter how far away I am

  • I am thankful for my health and wellbeing

  • I am thankful for everything I am and all I have achieved

When you have so much to be thankful for, there is no need to be concerned as to what other people may have. Be there to support others when they need help and share kindness, not gossip.

The Om symbol is representative of new beginnings and creation. Please look at the range of Om products including bespoke anklets and necklaces to remind yourself of your own new beginnings.

And as always, remember your Happy Yogi Face. J xx

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