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As the Chinese proverb states… ‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’.

Bearing this in mind, where better to start my journey than China itself.

My journey of peace, of independence, of finding inner strength and conquering all started in a communist country of 1.3 billion people… Ironically it probably wasn’t the best start. However, perhaps this was actually just what I needed. A break. An opportunity to move away from a life I was starting to feel claustrophobic in. I had got to stage where I wasn’t grateful anymore for what I had. When in actual fact I had everything I could ever want or need, I just wasn’t looking in the right places.

Heading to China symbolised something new for me. It was the first time I had been ok with being on my own. And I don’t even mean on my own. I had 30 students with me and I was on a school trip. I mean being a … single person. Awful yes? I wasn’t allowed to tick the relationship box anymore. Not even the ‘it’s complicated’. It wasn’t complicated, it was over. And for a period of time that really wasn’t ok by me. I shouldn’t have been single when I could have been married before the age of 30. Someone had to be punishing me for doing something wrong in a past life. My life was over…

Oh wait, no it isn’t. I’m actually fine and was instead overreacting. For those of you who aren’t aware, I am a 28 year old teacher living in Dubai. I was engaged to be married this summer and now I am not. Apparently, it isn’t healthy to be discussing flower arrangements and table plans when simultaneously telling your significant that you hate them. Who knew? I sought help with an amazing woman who told me the one thing I needed to pick myself off the ground I had thrown myself kicking and screaming onto. ‘You need a goal. Who do you want to be?’

I had genuinely never thought about it. My life had never been about me. It had been about pleasing other people until I became miserable. I had no idea where to begin forming a life plan when I had no one to please. I’m embarrassed to say that I turned to Pinterest for help. Pinning like a mad woman, I focused on everything I had ever enjoyed in my life in the hope that somehow a plan would form. Believe it or not it did. And I will share it with you.

My plan is to travel as much as I can. Life is not about staying in one place. It’s about turning over the first page of your book and seeing what journeys are to be had. My plan does not stop there. I am now officially a ‘blogger’ and whether you like it or not (preferably you will like it though) I am going to document my journeys across the globe. And would you believe it there’s more to the plan… I aim to buy authentic beads and charms that remind me of each of these places and make an array of delightful yoga inspired jewellery for you to enjoy. Because I love yoga. Incidentally, this does not mean I am good at yoga. I am no more flexible than a plank of wood. But it turns out I enjoy it and therefore I am going to do more of it on the quest to only doing things that make me happy. Because why would I do anything else with my time?

Which takes me back to China. Whilst I may forever in my own mind associate China with bad fats, pollution and a never ending stream of non-smiling faces, I can also remember laughing every day, a beautiful culture of respect for the history of the country and the most beautiful beads I have ever shopped for. China done, next stop Bali.

‘You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough.’

Please take a look at the gorgeous, yogi bracelets on sale and always remember your happy yogi face.


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