Just Breathe...

Namaste Yogis!

Welcome to Happy Yogi Face, a place to share your positivity and open your mind. A place to remember the messages that we learn on the yoga mat and transfer them to our day to day life in the hope that we can develop inner peace and begin to live for today.

I hope that with your internal strength you can find your dreams and goals to help you create the person you wish to be. We all deserve happiness in our daily lives but unfortunately we have all had to face battles within ourselves, regardless of how big or small, that will try to challenge our happiness. From my own personal experience I can say that yoga (and several glasses of wine) have made me open my eyes to the positivity that is around us. We are so much stronger than we know and whatever the world chooses to throw at you just remember to maintain that Happy Yogi Face and just breathe through the discomfort.

I had to start again with some broken pieces of my life but instead of letting it pull me down I have used it as a chance to build up what I really wanted and fight for the things that really mattered to me. Since I was a little girl I have wanted to see the world, but because I never saw myself as a priority it has not been until now that I decided to do something about it. Please remember how important you are. Make time for yourself daily and make sure you have goals and dreams that make you happy and that you are continuously striving for.

I have learned recently the most important way we find hppiness is to be happy with ourselves. Easier said than done? Whilst every individual will be different, it is important we make time every day for ourselves. Never forget how important you are, and if you can, try to fit some of my 'Moments of Happiness' into your day to day routine.

1. Gratitude list

This will take you ten minutes. Maximum. The happier you are, the quicker you will be! Spend time as soon as you wake up or just before you go to bed thinking about ten things you are truly thankful for. Your friends, the sunshine creeping through the curtains, even the healthy breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen.

2. Take up a hobby

You know that thing you've always wanted to do, now is the time. No you're not too old. No you're not too busy! You deserve one hour a week dedicated to doing something you love! So look into that photography course, dust off the bicycle in the shed, run yourself a bath and spend some time reading. As long as you make sure you are setting aside a minimum of an hour each week... you'll begin to realise how important you really are. And hopefully get the increasingly familiar glow of happiness

3. Create a plan

By far the best advice I have ever received. Make sure you have a dream that becomes a goal that becomes a plan. Everything you do should be focused on your life goal(s) and if you are doing something that doesn't help you achieve these goals- stop doing them!

4. Live healthy

There's a lot to be said for eating well and exercising regularly. Personally, my happiness soars when I have just completed a difficult workout at the gym or when I have three good clean meals in a day. If you want the pizza, have the pizza. It's not about what you do some of the time, but what you do all of the time. Gradually however, I promise you will start to feel the benefits of healthy living and who knows, maybe one day those takeaway menus will find their way into the rubbish bin.

Over the next few months and hopefully even years, I want to share my personal travel experiences with you. In return I ask that you share with me your journeys… both physical and emotional in the hope that we can help each other to move past the battles we all must face and come out the other side with a Happy Yogi Face.

Please remember there is always something to be thankful for. Remember to enjoy the little things and don’t forget to breathe.

You are all beautiful Yogis

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